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Payment is due, in full, at the first lesson of each month. A late fee of $20 will be imposed for all payments not received at the first lesson of each month. We accept cash and checks. Checks can be made to Gardendale Music. You can be issued a receipt if requested. 

Returned checks:
There will be a $20 fee for all returned checks.

Missed lessons:
Tuition is based on the month, not on the number of lessons.
Because your lesson time is reserved specifically for you, we do not pro-rate or refund for missed lessons.
We also do not prorate or refund for lessons missed due to inclement weather. We follow the Jefferson County School closings and will advise all parents/students via a phone call, text, and our Facebook page when we will be closing due to inclement weather. We understand that you have a busy schedule and sometimes cannot make it to all of your lessons, but we request that you please be courteous and inform your teacher at least 24 hours in advance of your lesson that you will not be attending. If you wish to have a lesson rescheduled or to “make up” a missed lesson, you must contact your instructor directly and it will be at the instructor’s discretion and availability if he/she is able to reschedule.

All parents are welcomed and encouraged to "sit in" during your child's lessons. We strongly believe that a parent's involvement during the child's lesson and practice time at home is very important. Having the involvement and support of a parent not only encourages the child but helps them to get the most out of their experience with music lessons. You are investing your money in a music education for your child, why not invest your time, too?

Practice time, between lessons, is vital to the learning process. Do not expect to master an instrument by only taking lessons and not practicing at home. Each student will be given clear instructions on what to practice during the week. If you ever do not understand what you should practice or what was covered during your lessons, please ask your teacher. If needed, instructions for practice can be written down for you to take home and refer to between lessons. All of the instructors at Gardendale Music love it when students ask questions! So, please do not ever hesitate to speak up, we are here to teach and answer questions, that's what you pay us to do.